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Introducing my new young adult fiction

novel Fade to Black & White

List Price: $15.00
5.25" x 8"
Paperback 356 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1497377059

Clever, introverted Joan struggled to come to terms with her mother’s death by plunging herself into a dark, colorless, emotionless world. At home, she played lacrosse with her older brother; the best therapy for two kids who had lost the solar power on which their lives had run. Away from home, she haunted the hallways of high school like an invisible ghost. Until one summer day when a golden boy moved in next door, which caused her humorous, awkward, often embarrassing inner conversations to tumble out to complicate and light her path back to living once more, out loud and in color.

Fade Cover Fade Back Cover

Fade To Black & White

And a ghost I was. A pale version of my mother figuratively and literally, with none of her out-going personality or comfort in her own easy-to-tan skin. In high school she had embraced all aspects of the academic, athletic, and social scenes. Later her natural exuberance for life was intensified by battles waged for over a decade against the cancer that ultimately won their private war. And then she was gone. And all of the colors went with her. Making my high school experience more like watching a black and white movie of someone else's life. Feeling none of the happiness, fulfillment or really any emotional involvement at all . . . until that is, the day the son fell out of the sky . . . Contrary to Greek mythology, when Icarus flew too close to the sun, thereby melting the waxwings Daedalus had made for him, he did not plummet into the sea and drown. Rather, like the true, mythical hero he was, he performed a perfect landing, gracefully and beautifully, to become on that eventful day, my next-door neighbor, Jason.

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