New blogger here, please be gentle.
I will try to provide interesting photographs and
illustrations to quench even the most
voracious visual appetite.
Once, in a great while, I may even write something
you find profound, or clever or both.
In either case, thanks for
pondering and perusing.

images & inklings

12 • 10 • 2023

Happy Holidays People!

Give the gift of life long love of reading! Picture books for littles that grow roots and give wings – coming of age novels showing loyal friendships and self-discovery!

Enjoy every moment – reading!



11 • 27 • 2023

Enjoyed chatting with Mark Stevens on his Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers podcast again! RMFW is a supportive, inclusive group of traditional, hybrid, independent, and will-be published-someday writers. We talked about my edited, and re-released first two novels and the launch of the final in the young adult Hero Series – all available through Culicidae Press (click on our photo) the playlists that accompany each of the novels, how to revisit and edit previous works, the RMFW’s recent Colorado Gold writing contest that I’ve helped judge the past three years, AND my latest creative endeavor, a modern crime fiction novel! Phew!


10 • 31 • 2023

No tricks, all treats! Kris is thrilled to share her young adult Hero Series has been edited and re-released through Culicidae Press!

Three clever female protagonists with unique challenges interact over seven years as they maneuver through new high school hallways and across competitive lacrosse fields. Enjoy these fast-paced coming-of-age stories filled with diverse friendships, witty banter,
and rom-com-worthy romances.

tree frog

9 • 18 • 2022

“Hello Auntie PA, it’s Margo! I can’t wait to see you!”
Margo said on the phone.
“¡Hola (O-la) Margo-go! I’ll be there soon!” exclaimed Aunt Pauline.
“Where have you been?
“Yo estaba en Perú! (I was in Peru).”
“What did you do?”
“Climbed Macchu Pichu on my eightieth birthday!”
“How high did you climb?”
“All the way up to the sky, I lost my breath, but I found it later.”
“Goodbye Auntie PA! I love you more than colorful tree frogs,.”
“¡Adiós (a-dios) Margo-go! I love you more than ancient civilizations.”
And they did . . .

From – Any place you’ve ever imagined, and then some . . .

boy and grandpa fishing

8 • 19 • 2022

“Howdy SuperPops, it’s Sammy. I’m coming tomorrow!”
announced Sammy on the phone.
“That’s right, SammyBoy! Get ready for an adventure!”
exclaimed Grandpa.
“What kind of adventure?” 
“We are going fishing to catch the one that got away!”
“Where did it get away to?” 
“That’s what we need to figure out.”
“I’ll bring my fishing rod and boots,” offered Sammy.
“I’ll have a net and some worms,” added Grandpa.
“See ya soon, SuperPops. I love you more than getting muddy.”
“Bye now, SammyBoy. I love you more than slimy worms.”
And they did . . .

From – Any dinosaur that’s been discovered, and then some . . .


7 • 12 • 2022

“Hello G Mops, it’s Gracie! I’m coming to see you!”
announced Gracie on the phone.
“That’s right, Gracie girl! I’m counting the seconds!” exclaimed Grandma.
“What are we going to do?” asked Gracie.
“We are going to paint the bridge over the creek,” replied Grandma.
“What color should we paint it?” asked Gracie.
“Any color in the rainbow, and then some,” answered Grandma.
“I’ll bring my jeans and baseball cap,” replied Gracie.
“I’ll get the paints and brushes,” added Grandma.
“Goodbye G Mops! I love you more than chocolate,” said Gracie.
“Goodbye Gracie! I love you more than coffee,” answered Grandma.
And they did . . .

From – Any color in the rainbow, and then some . . .

toddler in a onesie

6 • 14 • 2022

“Oh yes she can!” Zoë said, taking a long deep dramatic breath . . .
“She makes us laugh
she makes us cry
she makes us smile
she makes us sigh
she makes a mess
she makes a fuss
but she makes a family out of us.”

From – We love you We love you We love you We do.
If you were a pirate then we’d be your crew.

super hero girl

5 • 17 • 2022

He hugged her tight,
“You have your mommy’s eyes
and you have my daddy’s smile but you’ll grow into Zoë
it just takes a little while.
And we all make mistakes and learn from them too
our love will be in you always
purple red and blue.”

Excerpt from – I love you I love you I love you I do.
If you were purple then I’d be blue.


4 • 15 • 2022

She bent down to his ear and softly replied,
“I’m supposed to protect you and surround you with care
so as you are growing I’ll always be there.
And when you’ve grown up and traveled afar . . .
then I’ll be your space and you’ll be my star.”

Excerpt from – I love you I love you I love you I do.
If you were a sock then I’d be
your shoe.


3 • 16 • 2022

l’arte sa amore : art knows love

I’ve struggled creatively these past weeks witnessing
humans inflicting senseless pain and suffering on other humans.

I’ve also experienced incredible works of art :

Images of strollers left at a border station for fleeing families.
Airbnbs offering free lodging for refugees.
People welcoming displaced strangers into their homes.

Join this human race to commit essential acts of human kindness.


2 • 24 • 2022

My son called via computer last night.
He’d lost his cell hiking and needed me to log on to his Find Phone,
wait twenty minutes, then ping it repeatedly until he located it,
at night, in the snow, on the side of a mountain, in Alaska .

I had Alexa set a timer and watched the minutes tick slowly by . . . then clicked an icon to make a sound every ten seconds
for five minutes until his name popped on my phone.
We congratulated ourselves and disconnected.

I shook my head, sighed with relief, then received this text :
Heading back down the cliff, if you don’t hear from me
in thirty minutes, send help.

Omaha Beach

2 • 13 • 2022

Fascinating. Riveting. Life. Freaking. Changing. As we ate our lunch, she narrated the black and white film. Her slow steadfast voice transporting us to the battle. I could smell the salty air. I could see the naval land ship tanks open their metal mouths and purge jeeps onto Omaha Beach from their bellies. I could hear the screams of the soldiers as the landmines exploded next to them. I could feel the adrenaline pumping as the medics collected the injured and returned them to be triaged and treated.

Then came the nurses. Calm, confident and comforting in difficult conditions. Making treatment decisions, often with limited medical resources. Wow. Serious. War is hell wow. Talk about angels.

– A different side of Sofi :


2 • 11 • 2022

“February. A month dedicated to love, roses and chocolate. Unless you are one of the loveless, then it’s pretty much just chocolate.

To the delight of any in category one, and the dismay of those unfortunate souls in category two, the choir at school announced we would be selling secret singing valentines.

Meaning, on the big V-Day, every class period all morning will be interrupted multiple times with bitter/sweet lyrical reminders that you are or are not in a relationship on Facebook.”